As winter approaches, it’s about that time to switch your HVAC system over to heat. But is your furnace ready for winter? The worst time for your furnace to fail is when it’s freezing in your home and you need it the most.

Stay ahead the game and follow this furnace maintenance checklist to ensure your furnace is prepared for the upcoming cold months.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

You should change your filter every few months to keep particles out of your HVAC system and prolong its life. A dirty filter can obstruct the flow of hot air throughout your house, meaning your home won’t be as warm as you would prefer, and your furnace will use more energy.

Check Your Vents

Covered vents not only block heat, but they can also overheat and damage your furnace. Double-check that all vents are uncovered and open.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

This isn’t necessary, especially if your furnace is newer or has been examined recently. But having an expert check out your system might reveal some issues you didn’t know about.

A professional can also oil moving parts and clean dirty ones, ensuring your furnace works as efficiently as possible. Try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, as professional schedules fill up as winter approaches.

Switch on the Thermostat

Set the temperature a few degrees higher than room temperature and wait to hear the heat kick on. If you don’t hear a change within a few minutes, consider getting in touch with a Controlled Comfort professional.

Clean Your Furnace’s Burners

Dust and debris typically accumulate on your furnace’s burners during the spring and summer. Make this a part of your annual furnace maintenance, as it also gives you a chance to check for signs of misalignment or rust.

You don’t want your furnace to fail you when the weather flips. Contact a Controlled Comfort specialist to ensure everything is running smoothly and is ready for winter.