If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit, there’s one thing you need to do—aside from finding a high-quality air conditioner—to keep your house cool and your bills lower as summer hits the midway point. That’s to lay down a level concrete slab that your AC unit will sit on.

The concrete slab plays an important role in protecting your unit in the long run, particularly by keeping everything level. But why is installing a level slab something you should be sure of when purchasing a new unit? There are three main reasons.

Protects Against Oil Pooling

The compressor inside of your AC unit contains oil that helps keep the entire machine running without issue. At times, oil from the condenser may escape and travel with the refrigerant through the unit’s lines. There’s no issue with this as the oil will circulate back to the compressor and deposit itself into the compressor.

But when your unit is not level, there is a chance that the oil may begin to pool in the lines and coils, which will result in an oil shortage inside of the compressor. Without oil, your unit may overheat and become damaged, leading to hefty repair bills.

Limits Vibrations

Have you ever heard a washing machine that has become unbalanced from too heavy a load being inside? It sounds like the entire machine is going to topple over and break. There’s a similar issue with vibration and your air conditioning unit.

With too much vibration, the equipment inside of the unit can begin to wear down quicker than if it were on a level surface. Refrigerant lines could become loose inside of the unit, the unit may begin to sink into the ground below, or the refrigerant lines leading to the building or home may become detached. All of these issues can be costly to repair later on.

Sinking Won’t be Your First Worry

For your air conditioner to be its most efficient, it needs room to breathe on all sides. When a unit begins to sink, over time the side vents may become obstructed and limit air flow into the unit. While the amount of blockage may be small, any dips in overall efficiency can cause your electric bills to rise. So at least once a year, take a moment to check your unit if it’s sitting on soft ground.

It may seem like a small choice, but you should always ask to have a concrete pad installed if you’re purchasing a new air conditioner. If you already have a pad installed, double check that it’s level when setting a new unit up or reinstall the pad with a wider base if necessary.

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